MARTIN® QB1™ HD Cleaner

Patented new evolution in belt cleaner technology designed to achieve a higher level of productivity while simultaneously reducing costs.  Guaranteed to provide the highest performance and the lowest cost of ownership.

Product Description

• Manufactured from steel means the QB1™ HD Cleaner can be used for all applications, including underground operations
• Urethane blade is manufactured at the highest quality possible and consistency worldwide
• "Green" design uses less urethane throughout the life of the blade which means less urethane ends up in landfills
• Patented "CARP" continuous angle curved blade provides effective cleaning across all stages of belt cleaner blade life.


• Suited for situations where price-sensitivity is a significant concern
• Can be fitted to almost any conveyor system
• Available in lengths ranging from 18 inches (457mm) to 96 inches (2,438 mm)
• Belt speed of up to 900fpm (up to 4.6m/s)
• Pulley diameter of 16-22 in (400-500 mm)


•  Available in 10-foot (3.05-meter) segments allowing customers to keep the full sections in stock and cut to precise lengths

Downloadable Files