MARTIN® QC™ #1 Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner
For wider, high tonnage belts, the MARTIN® QC™ #1 Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner incorporates a rugged belt cleaner blade and sturdy mainframe.

Product Description

• One-pin blade replacement makes belt cleaner blade replacement an easy, one-minute, no-tool operation
• "CARP" Constant Angle Radial Pressure design maintains cleaning performance through all stages of belt cleaner blade life 


•  Suited for heavy-duty applications, on belts from 18 to 96 inches (~400 to 2400 mm) operating
•  Designed for head pulley diameters from 12 to 23 inches (~305 to 584 mm)


•  Color-coded high-performance urethanes available to suit application
•  Martin® Twist™ Tensioner also available
•  Blades can be segments or slits
•  Also available in Extra Heavy Duty for tougher jobs

Downloadable Files