MARTIN® QC™ #1 XHD Belt Cleaning System
The MARTIN® QC™ #1 XHD Belt Cleaning System tackles the tough jobs. Designed for rugged conditions, this sturdy belt cleaner features a one-pin blade change, making replacement of a worn blade a one-minute, no-tool procedure.

Product Description

• Engineered to preserve the cleaning edge from high belts speeds and multiple splices
• "CARP" Constant Angle Radial Pressure design maintains cleaning performance through all stages of blade life
• Mainframe of rugged 3/8-in. (9-mm) DOM steel tubing has a steel bar backbone
• Aluminum extrusion in the belt cleaner blade base holds the cleaner snugly to the backbone
• Economical pre-cleaner and tensioner system combines effective cleaning, durable life & low maintenance requirements


• Suited for heavy-duty applications, on belts from 18 to 120 inches (~457 to 3048 mm) operating at speeds up to 1200 fpm (6 m/sec)
• Designed for head pulley diameters from 24-30 inches (~450 to 760 mm)


• Color-coded high-performance urethanes available to suit application
• Martin® Spring Tensioner XHD is recommended; however, Martin® Air Tensioner or Spring Tensioner available

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