Dust Curtain
Installed at the exit of the conveyor load zone, MARTIN® Dust Curtain provides effective sealing to prevent the escape of airborne fines. Mounted in the skirtboard cover, the dust curtains help create a plenum for dust suppression and dust collection by creating a buffer zone to slow air movement. Recommended installation is one dust curtain without slits closest to loading zone, followed by one dust curtain with slits at exit of skirtboard. Additional dust curtains may be installed to reduce air movement and isolate dust suppression or dust collection systems for additional dust control.

Allows Dust to Settle

Curtains form a plenum that slows air velocity, allowing airborne particles to return to belt.

Adjusts To Material Flow

Slit curtains conform to belt load without pushing material off conveyor.

Minimizes Air Flow

Curtains hang to 1 inch (25 mm) below normal material profile on belt.

Simple Replacement

Curtain bolts into steel frame for simple replacement.

Long Lasting

Rugged 1/4-inch (6 mm) rubber construction provides extended service in tough conditions.
Simple in design and economical in operation, the MARTIN® Air-Supported Conveyor System solves the problems of conventional belt conveying. By supporting the belt on a film of air, the MARTIN® Air-Supported Conveyor System reduces friction and improves operating performance.
The totally enclosed conveyor system acts as its own ductwork to prevent the escape of airborne dust which mitigates the impact of PSD permit requirements and helps achieve compliance with Title V.

Improved Dust Control

Stabile belt path reduces spillage; enclosed system controls dust emission.

Longer Belt Life

Low friction material transportation system means less wear on belt; true tracking system prevents edge damage.

Reduced Energy Expense

Low friction system can reduce conveyor power consumption by 30%. You pay less for energy, and your conveyor may need a smaller drive.

Suitable for New or Existing Conveyors

Modular System is suitable for new conveyor, or retrofit projects, and even allows partial installations.
• Retrofits Existing Conveyors - modular system allows replacement of sections of existing conveyors. Patented design fits CEMA-standard conveyor construction.
• Benefits for New Conveyor Systems - on new construction, air-supported conveyors are engineered to suit the requirements of the project.


Available in rubber or urethane

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