MARTIN® Insertable Dust Collector System by Torit® PowerCore®
Filters Inside Transfer Point Collect Dust Without Ductwork
Rather than carry dust-laden air to a central dust collector, the MARTIN® Insertable Dust Collector System by Torit® PowerCore® filters the air inside the transfer point. The MARTIN® Insertable Dust Collector can effectively handle the heavy concentration of dust and high volumes of air arising at belt conveyor transfer points.

“Small but Mighty” Filter Elements

Mesh-like material in compact filters filters better and lasts longer while consuming less energy than conventional filter bags

Reduced Power Consumption

Small size of improved filters allows effective collection with less air movement and smaller fan, reducing energy costs.

Smaller Footprint

Small unit size allows use of Insertable Collector in areas where space limitations complicates installation of other collection systems.

Simplified Maintenance

Reverse pulse cleans filters; replacement of compact filter elements is a one-hand, no-tool procedure performed from the clean side of the collector.

Eliminates “Baghouse” Problems

insertable dust collectors will eliminate many of the problems with central “baghouse” collection systems, including long ducting runs, large enclosures, high power consumption, and difficult maintenance.

These Insertable Collectors with compact filter technology are suitable for use with non-explosive materials in non-hazardous locations.

MARTIN® Insertable Dust Collectors can be used as stand-alone dust collector systems, or to supplement existing central dust collection systems.

MARTIN® Dust Management Systems solve the problem of airborne dust by keeping fine particles in the load or by returning them to the main material

MARTIN® Dust Management Technologies include systems and components for dust collection and dust suppression.

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