N2® Twist Tensioner

Maximize Performance, No Wrench Necessary

Continuously maintain ideal tension for maximum belt cleaning performance without ever
turning a wrench.

The N2® Twist™ Tensioner continuously monitors for and delivers proper tension by utilizing Martin’s intuitive new N2® smart technology platform to maintain proper blade-to-belt pressure, providing the best possible cleaning performance throughout the life of the blade.

Onboard sensors inform and drive the motorized tensioner while providing performance data, allowing an unprecedented view and understanding of belt cleaner performance. This data can be used to accurately estimate blade wear life and schedule replacements.

The Martin® Smart Device Manager app can be used to monitor data in realtime and remotely control the unit.

Product Description

  • Directly retrofits on Martin’s original, industry-standard Twist™ Tensioners or installs as a new assembly
  • Automatically maintains precise cleaning pressure throughout the entire life of the blade without maintenance
  • Alerts when the blade is at the end of its life
  • Serviceable with or without Martin® Smart Device Manager App
  • Rechargeable battery with a six-month life

Downloadable Files

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