Slider Cradle

Installed under the skirtboard of a transfer point, Martin® Slider Cradles support the edges of the belt to eliminate sag. These cradles prevent transfer point spillage by stabilizing the belt’s path and allow the effective sealing of the belt edge. Cradles are available with high-performance UHMW or Stainless Steel Bars to match application requirements.

Product Description

  • The Martin® Slider Cradle supports the belt edges, allowing an effective seal
  • Slider Cradle eliminates pinch points where trapped material can gouge the belt
  • Conveyor belt glides over UHMW bars without heat buildup
  • Use both top and bottom of unique “box bar” to provide dual-wear surfaces for double wear life
  • Slider Cradle adjusts for wear easily with simple tools
  • Fits any troughing angle. One bar per side for belts 18 (457 mm) to 42 inches (1067 mm); wider belts require two bars per side. Center bar or rollers may be required.
  • Protected by U.S. Patent No. 4,898,272

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