Tornado Air Cannon

The Martin® Tornado Air Cannon produces better material flow with greater force, faster cycling and improved safety. The Martin® Tornado Air Cannon fires when the exhaust valve opens in response to a positive surge of air sent by a tripped solenoid valve.

Product Description

  • High-velocity discharge of compressed air improves material movement
  • Positive-acting valve amplifies discharge force, for 20% more power from the same size air cannon
  • Suitable for high-temperature applications such as cement kiln pre-heater towers and coolers
  • Positive action means air cannon will not fire when source pressure is removed
  • Positive action allows solenoids to be mounted 200 feet (30.48 m) or more from the air cannon. Lubrication is not required.


  • Available in three valve sizes and ten tank sizes
  • Retrofit valve is also available
  • Fan Jet Nozzle and High Temperature Nozzle are both available

Downloadable Files