HMI2 Interface

Product Description

  • Two sensor networks with a capacity of 16 sensors each (32 total) are provided to communicate with the “Smart” RS-485 versions of SiloPatrol® SMU SE cable-based level sensors, RadarRight(TM )non-contact level sensors and/or the Flexar® guided wave radar sensors.
  • Calculate and display values for level, volume, weight and percent with data input from the user
  • Enhanced volume and weight calculations have the ability to include the additional amount of material contained in the roof sections of steep silo roofs below the sensor mounting location
  • Automatic, Manual or Auto/Manual operating modes provide versatility for SMU SE
  • Displays real-time measurement updates provided by Flexar sensors
  • Set-up parameters for Flexar can be modified using the HMI2
  • Built-in 16 point strapping table
  • Flexible display of data in English or Metric units including feet, meters, pounds, kilograms, cubic feet, cubic meters, U.S./British bushels, gallons, liters, tons, metric tonnes
  • Programmable 12-character alphanumeric name for labeling vessel contents.
  • Unique back-lit display ensures visibility in low light conditions
  • Universal AC power supply accepts 100-240V AC power
  • Controls analog outputs and/or relay outputs when using the optional Auxiliary Output Enclosure – AOE (Click Here)

Downloadable Files