RadarRightTM Series 400

Product Description

  • Non-contact level measurement solution…nothing to “touch” your process.
  • Real-time continuous output provides immediate level measurements.
  • No moving parts to wear which leads to long operational life and low maintenance.
  • Proven microwave “pulse” technology for dependable measurements
  • Easy set-up / configuration with LCD push button display module (included)
  • Small beam angle to centralize energy for high accuracy and reliability with materials having a wide range of characteristics.
  • Minimal “dead band” (“blanking zone”) for optimum measurement in vessel.
  • Gimbal (swivel) style process connection allows for aiming antenna for added measurement accuracy and avoiding internal obstacles, flow streams, etc..
  • Advanced microprocessor and unique echo processing technology provide for reliable operation under various process conditions.
  • “Pulse” technology results in extremely low emission power; is harmless towards the environment and human beings.
  • Can be provided with a variety of antennas and process connections – Small antenna sizes (diameters) for easy mounting.
  • Air purge or dust shield options to optimize sensor performance in dusty conditions.
  • Suitable for most powder / bulk solids applications in storage vessels up to 98.5 ft. (30m) high with 5 inch dia. antenna.
  • Series 200 for liquid applications is also available

Downloadable Files

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