The PROX-MICRO Proximity Switch is a non-contacting speed sensing device which converts pulses from a ferrous target to an electrical signal. The speed monitor utilizes a microcontroller and proprietary internal software to precisely monitor the RPM rate of the rotating ferrous target(s). Time between pulses is compared to application-appropriate, user-defined settings. The PROX-MICRO is packaged in a NEMA 4/5 enclosure with a transparent Lexan™ cover for dust and moisture protection.

Product Description

  • Large sensing range:
    • 6 – 30,000 RPM based on 1 pulse per revolution
    • 1 – 7,500 RPM based on 4 pulses per revolution
    • 0.1 – 3000 RPM based on 60 pulses per revolution
  • Underspeed monitoring: 20-99%  of running speed
  • Easy to program and field adjustable
  • Status and Relay indicating LEDs
  • Non-contact sensing – not directly coupled to a shaft
  • Powder-coated cast aluminum housing with Lexan™ cover
  • Proximity sensor features:
    • 10-30 VDC NPN M18mm Shielded N.O.
    • 500 Hz, 6′ (1.83 m) cable
    • 0.315″ (8.0 mm) sensing distance
    • Will pick up any ferrous material — magnet not required

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