Dust Bag

The Dust Bag is a passive dust collection system that gets installed above the conveyor loading zone to capture dust without an energy-consuming fan. When loading stops, the MartinĀ® Dust Bag relaxes to return material to belt.

Product Description

  • Passive filtration system cleans air without mechanical collection
  • Satin nylon construction withstands positive pressure under crushers and other air sources
  • Suitable for use where air flow is below 1000 cfm (28,320 l/minute)
  • Both Standard and Static Dissipating Bags are available 12-inch (300-mm) and 24-inch. (600-mm) diameters. Use the 24-inch. (600-mm) diameter bag when air flow is greater than 450 cfm (12,750 l/minute)
  • Clamped in place, bag is equipped with a hanging grommet and a grounding strap to disperse static electricity

Downloadable Files