Installation Services

To make projects go as planned, crews from Bulk Systems & Services, Inc. will complete installations on spec, on time, and on budget. BSS installation crews will coordinate any materials handling equipment project with your schedule and keep in-house staff available for other duties.

> Conveyor belt transfer upgrades
> Conveyor system upgrades
> Drag Chain Systems
> Screw conveyor systems
> Bucket elevator systems
> Conveyor belt cleaning systems
> Custom engineered conveyor chutes
> Air supported conveyor systems
> Conveyor belt cleaning systems
> Conveyor belt installation/splicing/vulcanization
> Air Cannon systems
> Railcar Unloading systems
> Engineered vibration systems
> Conveyor dust suppression systems

Project Supervision

Where economics or labor-relations require the use of in-house personnel for projects, BSS will provide an installation supervisor. This supervisor confirms correct techniques are used and critical dimensions are held to assure proper system performance.


Bulk Systems & Services, Inc. has three levels of guarantee, depending on the degree of involvement with the end-user.

Guarantee #1:
Bulk Systems covers the purchase of materials only.

We cover the equipment with a one-year materials and workmanship guarantee. As performance often is dependent on installation and maintenance, product performance is not guaranteed beyond the initial payment terms.

Guarantee #2:
Bulk Systems manufactures and installs the equipment or supervises the installation of equipment.

We guarantee the installation and the initial performance of equipment to 100% customer satisfaction. There is a one-year guarantee against defect in materials and workmanship.

Guarantee #3:
Bulk Systems manufactures, installs and has a maintenance contract for conveyor systems.

As long as the customer maintains a service relationship with Bulk Systems, the performance of the Bulk Systems manufactured and installed systems is covered by our Absolutely, Positively, No Excuses Guarantee. “Our Engineered Systems will perform to your satisfaction, or you may return the equipment for credit or a cash refund.”

BSS Employees:
> AWS Certified Welders
> MSHA/OSHA Safety-Certified
> Confined Space Trained
> DISA Drug Testing Program
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