Eraser HD™

The Eraser HD is designed to withstand heavy vibration. This system has a reinforced mainframe and a heavy-duty channel attachment design. It utilizes a series of 6” wide x 7” tall (152 mm x 178 mm) blade segments that conform to crowned head pulleys. Designed for superior strength and durability with a .25” (6 mm) thick, 3” x 3” (76 mm x 76 mm) tube stock steel mainframe and corrosion-resistant, galvanized Schedule 80 pipe stub ends.

Product Description

  • Designed for use on conveyors with crowned head pulleys or heavy vibration
  • Heavy duty 7” (178 mm) tall polyurethane blades provide effective cleaning performance
  • Available in 6” (152 mm) blade lengths
  • The Perma-Torque™ internal central tensioner is adjustable from 20 to 80 ft-lb (27 to 108 Nm) resulting in uniform cleaning pressure to the conveyor belt
  • Compact mounting footprint only protrudes 5” (127 mm) from mounting structure
  • No rusted springs, hoses, cables, shocks or mud-packed components to deal with
  • Brightly colored safety yellow end caps seal the Safe Torque™ ratchet from dust and water contamination

Downloadable Files