Learn more about the Martin® QB1™ Cleaner HD

The Martin® QB1™ Cleaner HD is a patented new evolution in belt cleaner technology designed to help your operation achieve a higher level of productivity while simultaneously reducing costs! It is guaranteed to provide you with the highest performance and the lowest cost of ownership of any urethane precleaner.

Product Description

  • Manufactured with Martin’s unique Constant Angle Radial Pressure (CARP) technology, its curved blade simply cleans the belt better, minimizing carryback
  • Martin’s new patented blade design maintains consistent contact with the belt and constant belt cleaning pressure as it wears, so its effective cleaning performances lasts longer
  • Martin re-engineered the manufacturing process, streamlining it to be faster and more efficient, which means your cost to purchase is lower
  • The overall cost of maintenance is much less because the blades last longer
  • Manufactured with the strongest mainframe in the industry
  • Martin will install your new QB1™ mainframe free of charge to replace any existing Primary Belt Cleaner manufactured anywhere in the world

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