QC1™ Cleaner XHD STS™

Designed for safety, this Extra Heavy Duty (XHD), Safe-to-Service™ (STS™) belt cleaner allows for all service to take place outside of the chute, preventing injuries and keeping workers from harm’s way while servicing belt cleaners.

Product Description

  • Avoids need for Confined Space Permit
  • Adjustments made from operator side
  • One-pin blade replacement makes service fast and easy
  • Patented Constant-Angle/Constant-Area Radial Pressure (CARP) blade design delivers consistent cleaning across all stages of blade life
  • High-Performance Urethane manufactured in house for highest quality control
  • Stainless steel mandrel


  • Adjustable to suit different head chute widths
  • Solid Blade, Slit Blade, Segmented Blade or Slit & Segmented Blade
  • Color-coded urethane blades available to suit application

Downloadable Files