The S3Max is an intermediate system between the Eraser and the Super Eraser that features a 10” tall blade. It is ideally suited for more aggressive applications where a larger blade is required, or those systems with a larger head pulley.

Product Description

  • Effective cleaning performance with a 10” (254 mm) tall Raptor blade
  • Ideally suited for more aggressive applications
  • No rusted springs, hoses, cables, shocks or mud-packed components to deal with
  • The Perma-Torque™ tensioner provides uniform cleaning pressure and superior cleaning performance
  • Brightly colored, safety yellow end caps seal the Safe Torque™ ratchet from dust and water contamination
  • Single pin blade attachment means quick and simple blade change out with less downtime
  • A wide variety of configurations as well as complete stainless steel systems are available

Downloadable Files