ZHD Cleaner

Martin® ZHD Cleaner combines urethane blade segments to form effective primary cleaner in pre-cleaner position on face of head pulley.

Product Description

  • Installed on the face of the head pulley, the Martin® ZHD Cleaner flexes under tension to provide effective belt cleaning and overcome uneven blade wear
  • Narrow blade segments individually flexed against the belt for steady blade-to-belt pressure and high-performance cleaning
  • Springs molded inside each blade maintain cleaning pressure – even on mid-belt blades facing the greatest wear
  • With a spring matched to belt width, the Spring Link Tensioner provides consistent conveyor belt cleaning without extra adjustments over life of the blade
  • Martin Engineering’s exclusive Maximizer Cleaner Urethane provides extended service
  • Each blade is secured with two nylon locking pins. To replace worn blades, pound out the old pins, replace the blade and hammer in new pins


  • Martin Engineering’s color-coded high performance urethanes available to suit application
  • Martin® Spring Link Tensioner or Spring Tensioner available

Downloadable Files