Railcar Opener

MartinĀ® Railcar Opener is an adjustable air-powered opener that maneuvers easily on three wheels to release the most stubborn hopper car gates and start efficient unloading.

Product Description

  • Powers open the most stubborn hopper car gate with 2700 ft-lb (3661 N-m) of torque at 90 psi (6.2 bar)
  • Pivoting wheels allow unit to maintain contact with traveling capstan of rack and pinion gate opener on hopper cars
  • Smooth, non-impacting force opens gates without costly damage
  • Operates from 90-120 psi (6.2 to 8.2 bar), air supply at 20 cfm (566 L/min). Noise measured at 95 dBA at operator position is acceptable for plant operations.
  • Adjustable base allows one worker to maneuver wheeled cart through tight spaces. Height-adjustable unit fits any ground condition beside track.

Downloadable Files