CleanScrape® Secondary Cleaner

The CleanScrape® Secondary Cleaner is an all stainless steel assembly featuring independent 6-inch wide blades with carbide tips. Each tip is supported on spring-loaded arms at both ends. The load springs allow independent blade rotation back and forward as well as up and down. This range of motion provides equal load pressure across each blade, absorbs obstructions, conforms to ever-changing belt undulations, and is able to arc safely in the event of reversing belt direction or belt rollback.

Product Description

  • Optimum cleaning results
  • “Free flow” design allows for material to pass through arms
  • Crowned mainframe design compensates for belt wear in the center
  • Low blade-to-belt pressure
  • Simple installation inside or outside of chute
  • Removed material returns to main flow
  • Requires less tensioning over lifespan
  • Handles reversing belts and belt rollback without damaging belt
  • Easy cartridge removal
  • Easy adjustment of cleaning pressure


  • Fan Jet Nozzle and High Temperature Nozzles are both available

Downloadable Files