DT2S Reversing Cleaner

Martin® DT2S Reversing Secondary Cleaner fits in narrow spaces. Slide-in/slide-out blade assembly allows quick belt cleaner service, minimizing downtime.

Product Description

  • Slide-in/slide-out belt cleaner blade cartridge allows quick and easy blade service that minimizes conveyor downtime. Even when the cleaner is encrusted with material, one-half of the split frame can be removed to allow blade change
  • Effective belt cleaning reduces plant cleanup chores and prolongs life of conveying equipment
  • Can be installed on conveyors that roll back or run in two directions with proper blade selection
  • Lean profile minimizes space requirements, allows installation in spaces as narrow as seven inches (178 mm)


  • Martin Engineering’s color-coded high performance urethanes available to suit application
  • Available with tungsten carbide reversing blade, stainless steel reversing blade, INLINE tungsten carbide blade and urethane reversing  blade
  • Martin® Air Tensioner or Spring Tensioner available

Downloadable Files