Tungsten XTC™

The XTC with a tungsten carbide blade is one powerful reversing conveyor cleaner. The system can handle wet, dry, sticky or slimy conditions. The unique Web Torque™ tensioner has enough give for mechanical splices and the flow-over blade design reduces material build-up. The XTC is designed with the same toughness and durability as our standard Eraser, with a .25” (6 mm) thick, 3” x 3” (76 mm x 76 mm) tube stock steel mainframe and heavy duty stub ends.

Product Description

  • Tungsten carbide blade is ideal for high-speed belts
  • Specifically designed for reversing conveyor belt applications
  • The Web Torque™ shock absorbs the high level of impact and contortion which are present in most reversing applications
  • No rusty springs, hoses, cables, shocks or mud-packed components to deal with

Downloadable Files