Washbox™ Cleaning System

Installed as a secondary cleaner along the conveyor’s return run, the Martin® Washbox™ Cleaning System provides the ultimate in belt cleaning technology. Washbox™ gently spray-applies water for superior belt cleaning.

Product Description

  • The Martin® Washbox™ Conveyor Belt Cleaning System consists of a powder-coated steel enclosure equipped with 3 rollers, 4 spray bars, 4 inspection doors and 2 secondary cleaners.
  • Rather than “blast” material from the belt, the water softens the carryback.
  • Martin Engineering recommends the installation of a pre-cleaner on the face of the head pulley.


  • Single-cleaner and stainless steel washbox options available.
  • Martin Engineering’s color-coded high performance urethanes available to suit application.
  • Belt Cleaners available with tungsten carbide, stainless steel or urethane blades.

Downloadable Files