We provide quality products and practical methods to improve the movement and storage of bulk solids

Our Products

We provide quality products and practical methods to improve the movement and storage of bulk solids.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems

Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems
Secondary Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems
Tertiary Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems
Specialty Cleaners

Transfer Point Solutions

Belt Support
Belt Sealing
Tail Protection
Transfer Point Safety Accessories

Dust Management and Containment Solutions

Dust Filtration
Dust Suppression
Dust Containment
Dust Management Safety

Vibration Solutions

Truck Vibrators
Electric Vibrators
Hydraulic Vibrators
Roller Vibrators
Piston Vibrators
Turbine Vibrators
Ball Vibrators
Portable Pneumatic Vibrators
Screen Vibrators
Railcar Vibrators

Railcar Unloading Solutions

Railcar Connectors
Railcar Openers
Railcar Vibrators

Air Cannons & Accessories

Big Blaster Air Cannons
SMART™ Series Nozzles
Flow Aid Accessories
Multiple Port Technology
Air Cannon Accessories

Point Level Indicators

KA/KAX Rotary Paddle
SafePoint Fail-Safe Paddle
TrueCap RF Capacitance
Vibratory Probes
Diaphragm Switch
Tilt Switch
Proximity Switch

Continuous Level Sensors

SiloPatrol Plumb Bob
RadarRight Non-Contact Radar – Solids
RadarRight Non-Contact Radar – Liquids
SiloTrack Cloud Web App
SiloTrack Software
HMI2 Interface
Wireless Comm Interface

Particle Emission

DustAlarm® ES Dust Monitor / Broken Bag Detector
DustTrendTM ES Dust Emission Trend Monitor

Bin Aeration

Model VA-06
Model VA-12
Model VA-51
USDA Accepted
Straight Shooter
Rectangular Air Pad


Featured Product

Carryback Capture System

Martin® Carryback Capture System scavenger conveyor technology improves belt cleaning in tough conditions. The system is designed to return carryback from secondary and tertiary belt cleaners to the main cargo stream.

Carryback Capture System